2017 as a list

Anyone who knows me will have read this title and said ‘this is the most Lauren thing she possibly could have written’, and they are absolutely right. I am a complete and utter list enthusiast and I am not one bit ashamed of it, because for me it works. I stress a lot, and I always find that making lists really helps, whether it’s for something big like assignments and deadlines or something mundane like things I need to buy at the supermarket.

2017 has undoubtedly been one of the biggest years of my life, and for many reasons both the best and the worst. For both your sake and mine, I’m going to focus on the best bits here.

So here it is, the best moments of a small twenty year old’s 2017 in list form. I guess it’s a bit like my own highlights reel. They’re also kind of in order as I compiled this list by going through my journal.

  1. Starting the year in true Lauren style by getting shouted at for trying to crowd surf to a High school Musical song – thank you to all my friends who were more than willing to catch me
  2. Annual girls fajita night still going strong
  3. Eating good soups
  4. Visiting Amsterdam – leaving a friend on the tram, finding the coolest food hall, going on a canal cruise, riding a tandem, going to the sex museum and getting an unavoidable photo by the Amsterdam sign
  5. Getting brushed cotton bed sheets
  6. Discovering the 8pm reduced food aisle at Tesco in Aberdeen, resulting in some epic bargains and almost a few injuries
  7. Going to Bingo – we will win one day I’m sure
  8. GETTING AN INTERNSHIP IN FREAKIN PARIS – can you tell this was a highlight of highlights
  9. Receiving surprise flowers
  10. Edinburgh University Dance Competition – mostly a highlight because the organisation was so stressful that it felt sensational to actually make it there
  11. Having cute flat Chinese takeaway nights
  12. Attending (I think) three ceilidhs
  13. Many reunion nights in Dundee – I can’t say that Dundee itself is a highlight, but the people are
  14. Taking Granny to Paris for a weekend
  15. Newcastle University Dance Competition – partially traumatising but it was worth it for the bonding experience
  16. Dundee University Dance Competition – where every single one of our dances placed (including my own choreography!!!)
  17. Doing a dance on a chair and not seriously injuring myself, contrary to what we assumed would happen
  18. The Disney Beauty and the Beast remake
  19. Actually getting an A in a French exam
  20. Eating ice cream at the beach
  21. AUDS Showcase – very very few things compare to being on stage with some of my dearest friends as we dance our little hearts out
  22. Passing second year of uni mostly unscathed
  23. Watching friends accomplish things that they worked hard for
  24. The afternoon when me and my sister rediscovered Singstar
  25. Many tea and cake trips
  26. The fact that my mum will still willingly make us Easter egg hunts
  27. Skimming stones
  28. AUDS Ball – and winning ‘Best Duo’ with my soulmate
  29. Dances with various props – skipping ropes, hats, chairs, umbrellas, balloons and a telephone, but to name a few
  30. Aberdeen being warm enough not to have to wear tights, on more than one occasion
  31. Getting a scholarship – even after telling the panel in french that I was desperate to host my own ceilidh in France which I most definitely am not
  32. Macaroni Cheese Festival
  33. Visiting Berlin – eating a lot of sausages, drinking very cheap wine by the river until the early hours of the morning, finding a long slide in a shopping centre, visiting the coolest zoo, seeing the Berlin wall, being petrified by a techno club and accidentally joining a Christian concert
  34. Dressing up as a tiger shark
  35. Visiting Copenhagen with my sister – seeing our lovely family, going to a theme park, making a dodgy blue cake, trying out a trapeze, having a waffle stick by some coloured houses, tying a wish to a wishing tree and eating a whole lot of good food
  36. Changing my hair and it not going horrifically wrong
  37. Regular summer board game nights
  38. Every single roast dinner consumed – and there have been a fair few
  39. Family weekend in Inverness – BBQ-ing on the beach, going out for a fancy meal, dolphin spotting and going to our favourite cake shop
  40. Playing rounders in the park
  41. Turning a whole 20 years old
  42. Getting a label maker (my baby)
  43. A big birthday BBQ
  44. Granny and Grandad’s 50th (!!!) wedding anniversary in Shetland
  45. Evening boat trips
  46. Generally spending properly good times with family
  47. TRAVELLING AROUND SOUTH EAST ASIA – Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, another obvious highlight
  48. Going to the Temples of Angkor at sunrise
  49. Being dropped off by a boat transfer in the middle of the sea
  50. Buying tacky souvenirs
  51. Napping in a hammock
  52. Boat trip around Ha Long Bay – even though we were epically scammed it was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been
  53. Bathing in mud with multiple elephants
  54. Doing a Thai cooking course
  55. Spending a day at the Edinburgh Fringe with my family
  56. Seeing ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’
  57. Quite possibly the cutest little afternoon tea – me and my friends do some classy things sometimes
  58. MOVING TO PARIS – quite literally achieving my dream
  59. Meeting new friends from all over the world – meaning I now have free accommodation in many places
  60. Spending my first weekend in Paris with my family
  61. Ladurée macarons
  62. Managing to successfully set up a french bank account after an hour long meeting entirely in french
  63. Starting my blog
  64. Having an evening picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower – name a typical french food and we had it, cheese, baguettes, wine, pate, the lot
  65. GETTING MY FIRST OFFICIAL FREELANCE WRITING JOB – I pretend I have kids in my articles
  66. Going to an outdoor cinema
  67. Napoleon weekend – basically a weekend in the sun listening to music and watching fully grown men and women dressed up as olden time people
  68. Improving my french (hopefully)
  69. Being mistaken for a french person
  70. French wine
  71. Nuit Blanch Festival
  72. Showing people around Paris when they visit and pretending that I am a real local
  73. The fact that autumn in Paris averaged at around 25 degrees in Paris this year
  74. Shakespeare and Company bookshop
  75. Literally every Parisian landmark – arc de triomphe, pere lachaise, tour eiffel, moulin rouge, sacre coeur, centre pompidou, notre dame you name it
  76. The Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette
  77. Rollerskating up the Montparnasse Tower
  78. Dressing up as a pineapple
  79. The day my Navigo card finally arrived after two months of horrific confusion and failed attempts – I shed a tear
  80. Being reunited with my Aberdeen flatmates in Cologne
  81. Cologne Karneval – mostly enjoyed cause I was covered in glitter
  82. Receiving postcards
  83. Managing to bring a wilted plant back to life – it died again later and I wasn’t as lucky
  84. Walks along the Seine
  85. Drinking hot chocolate in front of the Eiffel Tower
  86. Mum visiting me in Paris
  87. Christmas markets
  88. Vin chaud – mulled wine
  89. Drinking an overpriced hot chocolate on the roof of Galeries Lafayette
  90. My dressing gown
  91. Finally getting a light up Christmas jumper after years of wishing
  92. Amy visiting me in Paris
  93. Trying a cheese fondue
  94. The most magical Christmassy day at Disney – aka reliving my childhood
  95. Going to a restaurant where your food is sent to you down a conveyor belt
  96. Spending a December weekend in Strasbourg – the Christmas capital of the world, so I was most definitely in my happy place
  97. Surprising my family by going home for Christmas a day early – hilarious because they were asleep in bed and had no idea who I was at first glance when I woke them
  98. Being reunited with pretty much my whole year group at the pub
  99. Hosting a festive brunch – the best way to be reunited with friends, and setting the table up for it was a whole load of fun all in itself
  100. Spending Christmas at home with my family – my little cousins are all growing too fast
  101. Christmas dinner
  102. Snow
  103. My friend’s birthday ceilidh where everyone was looking dashing and having a whole lot of fun
  104. Shrek the Musical
  105. My sister’s incredible generosity in getting me a Polaroid camera
  106. Ending the year as a far less stressed person than I started it
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