Oh hello there 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS as if it is actually 2018 hahahahahahhahahhaha terrifying.

A lot of people comment on how pointless the whole idea of new years resolutions are, which I kinda get as there is no real reason why you can’t make an overnight change on any of the other 364 days of the year. I however still like making them, not epically unachievable things like grow, because lets be honest I think we are past that point, but little things that should make me happier as a person.

I don’t know why anyone might actually want to know what my new years resolutions are but I am bored at work and love a list so I’m writing it anyway. I am also fully aware that we are now over a week into the new year so this probably should have come earlier.

1. Read more

Preferably 50/50 French and English. I think studying English at uni and being forced to read a book a week that I didn’t necessarily like put me off reading for pleasure for a long time. I used to fire through books when I was younger, and I want to get back to that, so I’ve made a ‘must read’ list which I have already started working my way through.

2. Visit 5 new countries

I know that sounds like a lot, but taking into account the fact that I’ve done one already, our family holiday we have booked involves a couple more and I have friends studying abroad in others that I want to visit, I don’t think it should be too tricky. It is so much cheaper travelling from Paris than it is from the UK, so I will definitely be trying to squeeze in a few city breaks before I leave.


3. Grow my blog and writing

2017 was a big year for me in terms of my writing, not only did I start this blog but I also got my first freelance writing contract. I am so determined to keep going with it and building on it. I don’t want to make too many massive claims because that’d be awkward if I didn’t follow them through, but getting my writing out there on a couple more platforms would be insane.

4. Get more into cooking

This one is going to be a little tricky for the first part of the year while I don’t have an oven. I have already started branching out a bit however, and I really want to continue with that. I love cooking shows, I just never think ‘I could make that’ when I watch them, so that is an attitude I am going to change. As massive a baked potato fan that I am, having them more than once a week every week, with bolognese or curry in between, is enough to drive anyone a bit mental.

I didn’t cook these just fyi

5. Stop snoozing my alarm

This is arguably my absolute worst habit (friends, please don’t mention any of my others). I am so incredibly lucky that I don’t start work until 10am every day, and it takes me exactly 3 minutes to get from my bed to my desk. There is literally no excuse for me not to get up that little bit earlier and do absolutely anything, like read, do a workout or watch an episode of a TV show, instead of lazing around on my phone until 9:30. Once I am up I am always fine, it’s the first physical movement of getting out of bed that is the issue.

6. Make the most of evenings 

I am a lot better at this on some evenings than I am on others, so I want to be more consistent. To be fair, I often don’t get home until quarter to seven, so by the time I have gotten changed, gone to the supermarket if I need to, made food and relaxed a bit it’s usually about eight o’clock. During the summer when evenings are warmer and lighter then I will be so much more motivated to go out and explore as I would at the weekends in the evenings, but in the cold and dark of winter it is a tad more difficult.

Midnight in Paris (not really, actually about 5pm)

7. Use my phone less

I am definitely not the worst when it comes to being on my phone a lot, but I am far from the best. When I am watching a film or something I will occasionally scroll through social media or something at the same time, which is entirely pointless because I am not really paying full attention to either. When I am with other people I notice when they are checking their phones often, so I want to make sure I am not one of those people.

8. Sort out a proper exercise routine

This is probably the most over-promised resolution out there. When I am at home exercise is so easy because I usually dance for 8-9 hours a week. In Paris it is a little harder because I have work for the majority of the day, then wouldn’t get to the nearest gym until late, and the membership is way too expensive to get just for weekends. I know what you’re thinking, go on runs, but I have tried to force myself to enjoy them so many times and have failed up until now. There are a whole load of amazing workout videos etc on YouTube so that’s the plan, fingers crossed I might even manage to get myself up and do them before work.

9. Stop reaching for google translate

I did this this morning, oops… It is both a great thing and an awful thing that google translate is now so incredibly accurate. I have less than six months left in Paris however (shed a tear just writing that), and I will never be in a better situation to practise my french, so I am going to make the most of it. I’ve started watching all my Netflix in french, reading in french, and me and my Australian co-worker have made a pact to only speak french to one another in the office.

J’adore Paris

10. Be a little more selfish sometimes

Obviously not in a rude way. I have definitely noticed in the past that I can be quite bad for doing doing things which I know would make other people happier than they would make me. That isn’t always a bad thing, but I don’t want to be thought of as a pushover, so I am definitely going to pay more attention to whether I am doing things for people because I want to or because I know that they want me to, if that makes any sense at all.

I hope this year is your bestest one ever!

Best wishes from Paris x

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