19 things I freakin’ love about being a woman


Scrolling through social media today has got me feeling some insane levels of sisterly love. I am one of those people who lives for a good quote and there have been a fair few empowering ones flying around, all on the subject of female power.

International Women’s Day to me is a celebration of how far we as women have come, of our solidarity and of our determination to ensure that all women are granted the same privileges and opportunities regardless of where they are in the world.

I freakin’ love being a woman, sure it has its downsides (large baby small exit, not being able to pee outside easily), but the upsides are fabulous.


1. The pride in female historic milestones – although it demonstrates the archaic aspects of society, I can’t deny that when a new statistic reveals that female power is on the rise I cannot help but do a little woop woop for us, men don’t get to experience that as much

2. Not wearing a bra under a baggy jumper and going out in public feeling like you’ve got a secret when your name isn’t even Victoria

3. Support from other females – the sense of community that can occur between female strangers, simply because of their gender, is something special

4. All the best pop icons are female and let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to be the same gender as Britney, Kylie, the Spice GIRLS etc

5. Being able to cover flaws with makeup – not that I don’t think boys should do this, I just don’t know any who tend to and it has saved me on many occasions

6. Getting to be the little spoon the majority of the time

7. The feeling of satisfaction when you’re in a position above a man in a job considering the fact that you’re there thanks to the hard work of previous women just like you

8. We live longer, according to science

9. Being treated special by a man – we don’t need it, but it is undeniably lovely regardless

10. We are better at multitasking – this is not a myth, don’t even try and debate it

11. Social media is (mostly) a place of sharing, appreciation and free nipples

12. The look of surprise on peoples’ faces when you’re responsible for something important and they’re like wait what but you’re a small blonde woman..

13. Pretty skirts and dresses

14. Men will buy you a drink, complain that it’s always the man who buys the drinks, then buy you another drink

15. Clean shaven legs plus freshly washed bedsheets equals heaven most men will never experience

16. You have the most amazing relationship with your mum

17. Women’s bathrooms are often far nicer than men’s – and we meet new friends there

18. We can be expressive with our emotions and talk about our problems – I always have and always will feel sorry for men who struggle to do this or feel like they can’t do this

19. Feminism is on one hell of a rise so there has never been a better time to be a passionate, strong and independent woman

As a little disclaimer, I realise of course that I am in a privileged position and that not all women are. These are merely a few things that I personally enjoy about being of the boobed gender.

Best wishes from a proud to be woman woman x

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