To do

  1. Add ‘no deliveries for neighbours’ to sign on door
  2. Pop neighbours’ boy’s football in back garden 
    • if his parents ask, he has been warned TWICE
  3. Find out how to stop someone from phoning you
  4. Polish wedding rings numbers 3 and 5
  5. Count money under mattress 
  6. Bin Henry’s things
  7. Buy new funeral hat
  8. Remind Sir Mittens after his nap that he is not to go into aforementioned neighbours’ garden as aforementioned neighbours’ boy will stroke him with his consistently sticky hands 
  9. Finish crossword 
  10. Write more of my eulogy
  11. Phone Jenny to tell her to get the ASDA man to bring me more bread 
    • remind her if she gets the brown stuff again I will not eat it and she will be responsible for her own mother’s death from starvation
    • more brandy too
  12. Read over letters from Walter, God rest his soul
  13. Catch up on Downton
  14. Look out two pound coins for the children’s birthdays 
  15. Change toilet roll cover into her summer dress 

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