Best reads of 2020 so far

I really struggled to read for fun during uni term-time. That was because, for my English degree, I was reading a book per week, and they were seldom things I was actually interested in reading. BUT now that I am finally finished my degree, the world of literature is my oyster. One of lockdown’s silverContinue reading “Best reads of 2020 so far”

Homemade rhubarb gin recipe

I feel like lockdown is bringing out the domestic goddess sign of just about everyone. A ridiculous amount of rhubarb seems to appear in our veggie patch every year, especially considering the fact that we are a family who don’t eat much rhubarb. This year, instead of sending it off to my grandpa or makingContinue reading “Homemade rhubarb gin recipe”


June Favourites

Well folks, the time has come. Yesterday I left Paris. As horrifically cheesy as it sounds, words cannot begin to describe the year I’ve had. I’ve had some once in a lifetime experience, overcome hurdles I never even imagined attempting and have grown an incredible amount, obviously as a person not physically. My last monthContinue reading “June Favourites”

May favourites

I couldn’t be more in denial about the fact that we are now entering into June if I tried. The next time I post a monthly favourites will be the day I leave Paris. I’m in a bit of a strange place head wise, torn between never wanting to leave here and being excited toContinue reading “May favourites”

April Favourites

April has been the fastest month of the year by far, as a matter of fact February-May has felt shorter than the single month of January. I can count the number of weeks I have left here on my two tiny hands now, and I am trying my best to make the most of everyContinue reading “April Favourites”

March favourites

March has been a fun filled month, and I would be loving life right now if it weren’t for the crippling realisation that I will only write another three monthly favourites here in Paris. Let’s just get on with it before I start to cry because there is a student sitting studying in my officeContinue reading “March favourites”

February favourites

Well February felt like it lasted about two days compared to January. I am now officially 3/5 of my way through my time in Paris and consequently freaking out. No worries though as I have multiple exciting things planned in the foreseeable future. February was one of those up and down months, both metaphorically andContinue reading “February favourites”

January Favourites

Think of this as my highlights reel and favourite things from all 3647974 days of January. Seriously though, it has been January for AGES. I’m hoping to make this a monthly thing, I feel like looking back over each month will help me to realise how much I was capable of doing within it. MyContinue reading “January Favourites”

Oh hello there 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS as if it is actually 2018 hahahahahahhahahhaha terrifying. A lot of people comment on how pointless the whole idea of new years resolutions are, which I kinda get as there is no real reason why you can’t make an overnight change on any of the other 364 days of the year.Continue reading “Oh hello there 2018”


2017 as a list

Anyone who knows me will have read this title and said ‘this is the most Lauren thing she possibly could have written’, and they are absolutely right. I am a complete and utter list enthusiast and I am not one bit ashamed of it, because for me it works. I stress a lot, and IContinue reading “2017 as a list”

Noël à Paris

Right now I am experiencing a whole lot of festive cheer but also a whole lot of extreme terror because the arrival of Christmas means that I have now been living in France for four months. FOUR WHOLE MONTHS. Literally everyone told me that my time here would go incredibly fast and I definitely didContinue reading “Noël à Paris”

All the feels

The other day, I was walking down the Champs-Élysées back to the RER station after an afternoon exploring and I suddenly became very very aware of the fact that I live in Paris. I know what you’re thinking, I’ve been here a whole two months now, surely that would have hit me a little bitContinue reading “All the feels”

Well hello there Autumn

Oh dear lord Paris in Autumn has added a whole new level onto my love for this city. Although, as a Scottish person I wouldn’t even know it were autumn if the leaves weren’t changing colour, since today I was out with no tights on in 25 degree heat. Thinking about what I’ve been upContinue reading “Well hello there Autumn”

Happy Month-iversary Paris

If I could buy you chocolates and an oversized teddybear then I would, because you are an absolute pleasure to be with. I quite genuinely cannot believe that a whole month has passed already, although little french things have already started to rub off on me. Typing this is taking me ages for example becauseContinue reading “Happy Month-iversary Paris”

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