A selection of poetry from university folios.

The ones I keep

He smells like rotten seaweed, tangled on the beach, we always skim grey stones, throwing twenty each.


Fireworks in the skies and in my eyes Slicing through the black Stars beyond the moon Nothing written

Higher daddy higher

When I was a baby you’d stroke my head, flatten my curls until I slept.


Hair tousled from our pillows, dressing gown ties around our waists, sleep in our eyes.

Steaming up the jar

Legs flying out behind me, soaring down the aisle. Tea coffee jam honey biscuits cake. Bottles clink in the trolley.

Perfectly matched pairs

It’s been one year and seventeen days since we met. My bus had been late, salad dressing had exploded in my bag. You walked past and chuckled, making a comment about faulty tupperware. I knew you were the one.

Adults never lie

The moon is made of cheese And pinky promises are binding. Santa fits through our keyhole And ‘we don’t know where you’re hiding.’

I always picked the syrup

I made pancakes with my granny, That’s just how it went, Every Sunday morning, That’s how it was spent.

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